The High-school Pupils Favorite Choice

Created in 2007, this price is awarded by a jury of pupils from high schools of the Principality among a selection of books answering the same criteria as those of the discovery grant.

True teaching project set up in collaboration with the Direction of Education, Youth and Sports, this work is to sensitize the pupils to the world of edition and contemporary Literature.

Under control of their literature teacher and within the frame of the chapter registered with the program of Literature: “To read, write and publish today”, the pupils establish their own selection of first novels.

Granted by the Foundation Princess Grace with a price of 6.000 €, the very favorite of the high-school pupils is awarded in the autumn, in Monaco, at the time of the proclamation ceremony of the prices of the Foundation.



“ J’ai huit ans et je m’appelle Jean Rochefort ”

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“ La maison vénéneuse ”

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