" Le confident "


Editions Plon

Native of Poitou, Helen Grémillon was born in 1977. Former student of Literature, she worked in advertising, was a freelance production assistant before making several short films including La blague in 2006, and Hiroshima and Nin'shin in 2007 with the actors Olivier Sitruk, Anne-Lise and Helme Francis Perrin.

"In the middle of words of condolences that she receives following her mother's death, Camille discovers a strange letter from an unknown sender. She believes it is an error, but during the following weeks, another letter arrives, weaving the story of two impossible loves, four broken destinies. Gradually, Camille realizes that this correspondence holds a terrible secret in which she is concerned. Diabolical plot against the backdrop of World War II, this novel combines historical narrative and psychological suspense in an implacable scenario." (Introduction by the editor)

"As much as the story is complicated, the reading is clear and exciting. The talent of Helen Gremillon breaks out in this first novel, at the same time in style, historical details, and with suspense that extends until the last paragraph. As for the main characters - Mr. and Mrs, Annie and Louis, her childhood sweetheart, the guardian Mrs. Merleau - they are all complex, unpredictable and above all charismatic." (Sophie Delassein, Le Nouvel Observateur, 19 August 2010)