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The collective /nu/thing currently brings together four Italian composers: Andrea Agostini, Daniele Ghisi, Eric Maestri and Andrea Sarto.

First gathered around the blog, the collective then started creating collective works, questioning the notion of author and the methods of musical writing.

In 2017 /nu/thing presented its first work, "I mille fuochi dell'universo", for ensemble and electronics, designed for the large Hangar Pirelli (Milan).

The second work, "Were you there at the beginning", a voyage through sound and light in collaboration with the studio ExperiensS, was premiered in 2022 for the reopening of Ircam's "Espace de Projection".


" Were you there at the beginning "

For electronic instruments, lasers and light displays



/nu/thing: music and computer-music design
A Mondes Nouveaux Production,
program operated by the French Ministry of Culture as part of the Recovery Plan,
in collaboration with IRCAM-Centre Pompidou 
Coproduction : IRCAM-Centre Pompidou

Originally conceived for an immersive sound-and-light experience, “Were You There at the Beginning” is the journey of a voice. In a 30-minute voyage, an abstract narration unfolds: from familiar places to remote, electronic soundscapes, from contemplative experiences of time to the fabric of sounds tearing and shredding, in a confluence of symphonic gestures and acousmatic forms.

The piece is dedicated to the memory of Carlo Ciceri.