fondation prince pierre de monaco

Young Musicians Favorite Choice

Winner 2018


“ Absolutio ”

Postlude, music of ‘after’. An epilogue, about salvation and for salvation.

As with most of my music the piece evolves out of a simple, strict formal principle. A three-note chord generates the musical material by means of intervallic rotations. These revolving shapes unfold at the same time into harmonic fields, melodic structures and rhythmic surfaces, forming into thematic areas. The musical form itself expands as these thematic areas spin around their own imaginary axis. Thus arises a spiral-like, whirling construction of ever-increasing gravitational pull, with the remote outlines of a ‘sonata form’. In the inevitable eye of the vortex the pull of forces weakens and the music disappears into the beyond.

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Francesco FILIDEI

“ Giordano Bruno ”

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